Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The internet can be a sad place.

I've decided that whenever the internet makes me cry, I'm going to take some time away. And, from a combination of situations, all unrelated, I feel pretty beat up this week.

That's my new strategy. I've gone over in my head just shutting up shop, but I'm afraid then it will undo all the work I've done. I've tried to grow thicker skin, and that isn't happening.

I think people forget I work with mothers and pregnant ladies at a time very sensitive to me. I often work with them one on one. Also, I do it all for free. I don't come from a rich family. We're actually quite poor. But, without children, I figure we don't need much. We're okay.

I've given a lot of time into this. Cried for a lot of dead babies. Cried for a lot of live babies. Saved babies in Haiti. Saved babies in hospitals.

I took a break just a few weeks ago because I felt overwhelmed by the negative. I've had my account hacked, been called names, and been told I'm doing an awful job. Well, I'm doing a free job, so if I save one baby, my job is done.

I refuse to wallow in the negativity. Let it really impact my life, so I'll take these breaks whenever I need. 

I'm stepping out into the light.
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