Monday, July 19, 2010

Good news, bad news. BlogHer and my office organization project.

You guessed it, I have some good news and some bad news. But, I have good news about both my planned BlogHer trip and my office clean-up project as well as some bad news about both. Thought I'd give it to you all at once.

My pigpen is looking less like a mess. Last week, I asked for your organizational tips, and used many of them. My office went from this....

To this...

Don't judge the chair my dog half chewed up, it's super comfortable. I can't throw it out.

Such good news. I'm already feeling calmer and accomplished much more today. I used some of your tips, but also found one of my own....
Invite your little brother over for faitjas and then nicely ask for "help." Okay, so he moved all the stuff. I did sort through two boxes!

Oh, and the boxes, that's where the bad news of this office clean-up project comes in....

Yikes! The closet! It's trying to spill out and invade the rest of the clean office.

Now, on to BlogHer. It's a HUGE blogging conference. Last month, things fell in place so that I could go. I was excited, but also not excited. I looked forward to meeting good friends, but I stayed up late in the night, my palms sweaty and my muscles tired from tossing and turning think about all those people.

I haven't hid my anxiety issues since Cora died. When your healthy baby dies in your arms unexpectedly, some issues are a given. When I went to Washington D.C. in April, I had a huge panic attack. Was convinced I was going to die.

I've been so worried about those two days, I finally realized I just wasn't ready. So, that's the bad news, I'm not going to BlogHer. :(

But, there's good news. I WILL be in New York City at the same time as BlogHer due to other commitments and would love to meet so many of you!! I'm going to be in town most of the day Thursday, August 5, and most of Friday, August 6.


  1. Hey, mama. I'm not going to BlogHer just cause it wasn't in the cards for me, BUT I will also be in NYC that same window. We'll have to exchange cell #s or something and maybe we can connect. No guarantees, but it'd be cool if we could somehow work it out!

  2. Great job on the cleaning. We really need to do this with the upstairs room. We are not using the space and it is crazy.

    I am going to e-mail you my contact information because we have to meet up in NYC. We arrive on Thursday and will be there until Sunday. Hope to be able to hug you in person and completely understand waiting to go to BlogHer until you are ready.

  3. The office looks great!! And I love the old crib side that you hung up in there :)

    I completely understand about BlogHer, no worries mama! And yes we must meet up - for coffee or something! - I'll let you know when I get my plane tickets so I know what time I'll be in on Thursday and stuff. Does Cora's Story have brochures? I'd love to hand things out for Cora at the conference!

  4. Your office looks incredible ! woot woot!

    Totally understand your decision about BlogHer! I will be around if you wanted to meet up - no pressure at all though if you dont have time ♥

  5. your office looks awesome! Great job! My house has been getting a huge makeover very much like that since we started moving into the addition...and those messes still spilling out into the clean parts is driving me crazy too.

    Yay, I am not going to blogher either...but I am also not going to NYC either. I wish Va was on the way to NYC!


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