Saturday, July 10, 2010

We are sisters: #Ashtiani is not alone, others face stoning in #Iran.

Yesterday, I introduced my new series, "We are sisters." Each month, I'll write posts about the plight of our sisters around the globe (sometimes even right here in North America). As promised I'm starting with Iran.

An Iranian mother of two shined the spotlight on Iran this week.

Background: The news that Sakineh Ashtiani faced death by stoning in Iran caused an international uproar. Ashtiani has already been lashed 99 times and spent years in prison. Her crime? Adultery.

Her trial was in a language she didn't speak. Her family maintains her innocence. And, come on, I have no tolerance for infidelity, but the death penalty?

Late in the week, Iran announced Ashtiani wouldn't be stoned to death. The headline might seem like good news. It is not. She could still be executed. She's already been imprisoned and lashed.

Why it matters: Stoning is a barbaric practice, but just as awful is executing people for non-crimes without proper trials and representation. Did you know Iran executes people simply for being homosexual?  Did you know other Iranians are in jail right now facing death by stoning? Ashtiani's story is not a victory, yet. I do hope she is freed.

Help: Take a few minutes to help our sisters in Iran.
  • Write a blog post, or if you aren't a blogger, post to social media about the situation there. If you send me the link, I'll include your post in a post later this month.
  • Grab this badge and put it on your blog or website to show that the women of Iran aren't forgotten.
  •  Sign this petition. (Over 100,000 signatures so far!) -- warning graphic image on landing page
  • Learn about the unjust laws women in Iran deal with. A country where alleged adultery can mean death.
  • Keep talking! Tell me your ideas in the comments, or what you've done. Can't read to read your posts!

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