Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help me stay focused, oh, and win!!! Another giveaway....

I touched upon this a bit on Cora's blog, but am coming here for a real discussion and advice. You all helped so much with my office organization. Well, you helped at least. The office still has packed boxes, but it's getting better! Promise.

I'm crazy busy, have barely left the house in a week trying to get ready for New York in a week, and Wear Pink for Cora tomorrow. And, trying to log in some hours at a new part-time job.

On Monday, I tweeted about how the entire day seemed a waste, I was distracted by this and that and worked most of the entire day on things I didn't plan.

I thought for sure the rest of the week would get better, I'd be able to dig in and get some work done, but each day brought a new distraction that drained not only my time but my energy.

My friend Karyn gave me some awesome advice about just focusing on what I needed to. I really do feel like I'm going to just be able to buckle down and get some work down.

But, wanted to come to you again to hear how you focus on what's important. Of course, I'm going to bribe you.

Leave a comment of support or advice, and get an "I Wear Pink for Cora" bracelet. And, yes, Bobbie-Jo I know I still owe you your prize. I promise it's coming. I've been unfocused here!!

Update: I'm so scatterbrained, I forgot to put in a closing date. The contest closes Sunday.

We have a winner...

Contest is closed!!!


  1. Honestly, I work better under pressure. About two days before the "deadline" is when I really get to work on what needs to be done. I feel like if you're not really focused or ready to focus on something you're not going to do a good job in your work. Wait until inspiration hits you, and work then, then--when it comes down to it, wait for the "last minute" stress to kick in and finish! :] I'm a slacker and procrastinator, but that's really how I "focus" and get things done. <3

  2. ....How did you know I was reading this?!
    But (don't include me in this one, I'm giving me advice because I'm commenting) I find music, especially Country (lately it's been Aaron Pritchett) helps me focus on everything!
    Love ya
    -Bobbie Jo

  3. I focus better when I lison to music but that just me.....keep up the hard work ur doin great....:0)

  4. Dearest Kristine,
    No bribe needed. Your openness and Cora's gentle beauty are gifts to the world. It has been a privilege to read even just one word from a mom who is still in the very early moments after her child's passing.

    When I hear a newly grieving mom speak of focus, I hesitate saying much becuase I know at 8+ yrs since my guy passed there are moments that even the best skills of meditation, control, and practical advice just can't stop me from feeling very scattered.

    So all I can offer is what I have probably be said before -
    Be gentle on yourself.

    You have benn through alot. Are continuing to grow as a mover in the world. And you have many very productive focused moments ahead of you- regardless of how unfocused the current moment may seem.

    Be gentle on yourself.

    Heart hugs,
    Mary Ellen

  5. I am a list maker. An obsessive list maker. I write down everything that needs to be done, and I make it my goal to get as many of those crossed off by the end of the day/week as possible. Having something physcial to look at motivates me to get them done and it feels so good to cross those things off the list and actually see progress being made! (I will admit, I even sometimes add things that i just finished that weren't on the original list just so have stuff crossed off....yeah...i'm that sick...)

  6. I agree with Red Head...I make lists. I also have this awesome weekly planner that I sit down and fill out every Sunday for the upcoming week. It has space for birthdays/events, errands, household to-do, me time, exercise and healthy dinner plan, and a place to mark your bottles of water and daily vitamin (something I know you've been working on!). It's the Organize Me from

    Be gentle on yourself've been through a lot and you're allowed to be scattered sometimes!

  7. I'm not going for a double entry here, but thought I would share this giveaway with you. My dear friend Molly is having a giveaway for an awesome dayplanner. Go check out her blog and comment to win! It may help you out a bit! :o) or follow her on twitter under idancemolly

  8. Eh, focus isn't all it's cracked up to be! :o) Really what helps me is to split a big job into several smaller jobs. Like, instead of saying "I need to clean the whole house today" split it up and clean 1 room. Or in my case, when 1 room is a total disaster area, clean 1 section of the room.

  9. Stephen Covey has a wonderful chart for organizing "to-do's" and staying focused. I don't know if it will help, but here it is:

    I think another key to staying focused is taking time for yourself. Treat yourself. Be kind to yourself. One thing I'm always reminded of is keeping myself from burnout. Stress takes its toll on your health. Remember that we Sistas are here for you!


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