Thursday, July 22, 2010

We are sisters: We can't forget her.

We are sisters is a new campaign to reach out and help women across the globe. Each month, we're talking about a new group of women and how to help. For the first month, we're talking about Iran. If any of you have suggestions for women that need to have their story told, send me an email to and we can work together on something.

Two weeks ago, Sakineh Ashtiani grabbed headlines across the globe because she sat on death row facing death by stoning.

Last week must have been so scary for the women of Iran. The regime announced that  they're tracking people that stand up for Sakineh. Her lawyer and son were both interrogated. At one point, a rumor flew around the web that Sakineh's stoning was imminent.

Saturday July 24, people around the globe are speaking out for Sakineh. In the Untied States, protests/rallies are planned in Dallas, New York, and Washington D.C.

Sakineh's story grabbed headlines because of the awful punishment she faces. Keeping the pressure on Iran is key. Please keep spreading the word, signing petitions, and writing government officials.

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  1. It's a scary place to live...I don't know how those women do it! I've known several who have escaped...always a miracle when an entire family makes it out.


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