Sunday, August 1, 2010

08.02.09 The day I married my best friend

Tomorrow is my anniversary, so you're getting bombarded in sappy-ness today since I rarely schedule posts and don't plan on being online tomorrow.

Once I remember talking to another newlywed friend, telling her how great it was to marry your best friend. I expected her to nod in agreement, instead she looked at me oddly and then said "that's great."

It's then I realized not everyone marries their best friend.

I did.

On 08.02.09.

A year ago tomorrow.

In our first year of marriage...

Ben put up with my crazy couponing nesting and comforted me after I started crying at cashiers that wouldn't take my coupons.

He went along with the idea when I insisted we buy 25 cans of green beans because they were on mega sale when nesting. We still have some of them nine months later.

Ben tied my shoes in the last few months of my pregnancy.

He hid my flip flops from me because he didn't want me to trip while pregnant. Sweet now, but I was not happy.

He bought me a record player for a birthday surprise just a few weeks before Cora was born because I'd talked about one since he knew me and said repeatedly how I wanted music in her life.

Ben picked me up off the floor once when I was very pregnant and very upset and after falling to the floor in a hissy fit found I couldn't get back up.

He listened to me read Cora books when I was pregnant with her.

Ben gave out pink bubble gum cigars to everyone he saw after Cora was born.

He stayed up with her while I slept so little Cora in her five days wasn't ever alone.

Ben drove to the hospital to try to save her with his head out the window because the windshield was frosted over.

He was the reason I came back after giving up and collapsing on the hospital floor. I saw his face.

I checked on him constantly the days after Cora was gone and made him eat and made sure he was safe.

We delivered her eulogy together.

I made a video of her pictures he sometimes watched late at night.

He took me away after we got her autopsy report.

I listened to him and made sure he knew it was okay to cry.

He went everywhere I wanted to go and stopped so I could take pretty pictures during the trip.

I fought for him when he got stuck in an awful hospital after falling from a treehouse and shattering his ankle.

I pulled him out of the hospital MIA when they didn't give him proper treatment and drove from Atlanta to Indiana straight through.

He still did the dishes for me a few times when he was in a wheelchair.

Ben supported all my ideas and gave me space and time to build Cora's non-profit.


Everyone says going through a tragedy, such as losing a child, either rips a couple apart or brings them closer together.

Ben and I are closer than ever.

Yes, Cora was at my wedding. That's my baby bump. If you're curious about why I'm not in white, go over to Cora's Story to read about our wedding day.


  1. Oh Kristine, that was an absolutely beautiful post. Marrying your best friend is something that so many do not experience, we are both lucky to have that in our lives.

    You and Ben have made it through this tough year together. The two of you have had emotions together that many of us will ever know. Enjoy your one year anniversary and remember that together, with your beautiful Cora's memory are making a huge difference in this world. Can not wait to meet both of you in person in NYC.

  2. That is such a beautiful story. Most people don't marry their best friend but later become best of friends. You and Ben have gone through so much together than it makes your marriage that much stronger. Ben is a very lucky man to have married his best friend and you are lucky to have married your best friend. God bless you both and may you have many, many years together. Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Have a wonderful anniversary Christine. I know what it is like because I married my best friend as well. Cora will be shining down on her mommy and daddy tomorrow as they celebrate their life together. May God Bless you both and keep you safe. Love Angie

  4. Indeed a beautiful love story. I wish you and your husband the best as you celebrate your anniversary.

  5. Beautiful! I love that you married your best friend. True love...and lasting love. Hoping you both have a happy anniversary day and many more years of love together ahead of you. xoxo~M

  6. I'm a day late but the wishes are the same. Happy Anniversary my friend.

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  8. Congratulations on marrying your best friend! You're right, a lot of people don't get to experience that!


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