Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A few days ago, I wrote that I hit rock bottom, and you know, not in such a bad way. More than anything, I just feel worn out.

I'm just floating along with it for now. I do still plan on calling around for therapy and professional help to treat depression.

But, part of me wonders if I'm not just exhausted. I was pregnant for nine months, gave birth, Cora died, and then I launched a nonprofit. And, in between, advocated my husband during a serious injury and dealt with a move across state.

Maybe my mind and body are just giving up for a little bit.

It was about a week ago I decided to take a few days off from the part time jobs I'm working and from really going at the nonprofit work, and it's just kind of drifted into over a week. I've done the minimum to make sure everything with the nonprofit is taken care of, and of course, am always thinking of ideas.

But, I still crave rest.

For now, I'm floating along with everything. Taking the pressure off.

Totally worn out through and through. 

I don't like putting things to the side and falling behind. But, it's just necessary right now.

My mind and body are just quitting on me. Refusing to let me work anymore, sleeping so much. And, rather than fighting any of that, I'm going along with it.
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