Friday, August 13, 2010

We are sisters: Not an easy topic. What is fistula?

I know, I know, half way through the month and I haven't introduced the topic.

As you might have gathered from my recent blog posts, I've been dealing with grief a lot, well, always am, and it's always hard, it's just sometimes somehow more time consuming.

This month's topic isn't easy to talk about. It's one of those subject so horrific, I think we'd all rather block it off. But, that's what this is about, helping our sister's without voices.


When someone suggested the idea on the Facebook page, I'd never heard of it, so went to do a bit of research.

This is the link left for me:

I was so beyond horrified with what I read. Wanted to click away and never talk, think, or read about it again. But, I knew I couldn't I knew I owed it to these woman to talk about.

Since, it's a hard topic, we'll go slow. This will be something the rest of you will probably have to digest in pieces. So, I'm starting with just a definition.

From the Fistula Foundation:

"A fistula is simply a hole between an internal organ and the outside world that should not exist.  There are two primary causes of fistula in women in developing countries:  childbirth, causing obstetric fistula and sexual violence, causing traumatic fistula."

 As  you might imagine the health issues, physical and mental, that go with this are huge. These are not treated in developing countries often. These woman need us.
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